A wonderful cast and crew…I am blessed. .I am one very very happy person right now…I am so grateful to the cast and crew of trafico. It was a synergistic day. They worked their arses off..no one complained, they just dug in and did their best. and it shows in the footage and the smiles, and in everything we did yesterday.

Jon Mendez, Ivana Vranjes, Michael Fels, Kyle Zack, Ian Clarkson, Eddie Karmin, Holly Boardman did more that I could ever expected. I am so grateful for their passion, and commitment, to what they love. Special Shout out to Luis Ruales, Tom Bentey, Dina Cataldi, Jonathan Jeng, Gerald Miranda, Cherry Barbo, Chuck Bowne, for sacrificing your sunday. They were always first on deck to help, to work, to sweat, to make the scene, the shot, real, authentic, and beautiful.

Michael Fels…what can be said about this man that hasn’t already been said. Mike, I love working with you..learning from you (arguing with you)…it is because of you, that I am a better storyteller and filmmaker, Thank you for not giving up on me. You’re my brother.

I am forever grateful to Adam Perabo, Gonzalo Vargas, Laural Hicks, Dina Cataldi, Nicole Lightman, Carlotta Summers, Hope G. Yi, Carina Castagna for believing in me as their director, and delivering me more than I could ever ask for or expect. I am awe of your talents, passion, and willingness to channel your life’s darkest moments into your characters. I am your fan…forever.

Thank you to Martin Boersma, and Dina Cataldi for your wisdom and guidance for keeping the cast and crew safe, and for unconditionally believing in this project.

I am very, very, very, grateful to Linda Nagle, for her inspiration and encouragement. Linda and I co-wrote the “Meet The Girls” scene we shot on sunday, it was her creative genius, and dark depraved mind (not a bad thing) behind it all.

Jon Mendez is by far, the most professional, creative DoP, I have ever met. He is the reason why we will achieve our aesthetic goals for trafico. Thank you Jon.

super duper special Shout out to Dylann Stahl, and Rebecca Sorokac for making the cast look authentic, grimy, and fantabulous at the same time. I truly love you both.

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