In Development

The End Game (series) Producer, Co-Creator
The Romantics (series) Producer
Pimp City (series) Creator, Writer
Rachel Ortense Show (tv) – showrunner
Jersey Devil (series) – creator

In Pre-productiont

Sneak (drama) – DoP
Chasing the Sun (drama) – producer


For A Fee (short) BTS
Bombshell (series) DoP, Director
The Next Iteration: Evoloution (series) Director
The Do (talk show) 2nd AC
Elisabeth Cutler Trio LIVE (multi-cam) – DoP, Editor
George Coleman (doc) – editor
Broadway Kids (reality) – editor


Black Women in Medicine (doc) camera operator
Below The Line (series)- producer
George Coleman LIVE (Live) DoP, Director, Editor
Tickling The Ivories (music video) Dp/Director
Power of One (series) DoP, Director
Lips Are Moving (music video) DoP
In Broad Day Light (short) DoP, Director, Editor
The Short Film Awards (Stream) Director, DoP
Marcus Garvey (Doc) Editor
George Coleman Legacy (doc) Editor
Amanda Ruzza LIVE (Concert) – DoP, Editor
Punk-n-Head (short) – DoP, Editor
D’Urnit (comedy) – Director
The Run (short) – DoP
Crush (music video) – DoP, Editor

Don’t Notice Me (music video) – DoP, Editor
Chasing The Sun (short) – DoP, Director
Canned (short) – DoP, Editor
Re-Canned (short) – DoP, Editor
Object of Desire (short) Editor

2016 (contiuned)

Soar (short) – Writer, Director, Editor
Feast At The Beach (short) – DoP, Editor
Below the Line (series) – creator, director
The Kind Ones (feature) – Sound Mixer/Recordist
Escape This Place (short) – Gaffer/Grip
The Run (short) – DoP
A Bench in The Park (short) – Location Scout
Lottery Ticket (short) – Grip/PA
Golden Door IFF (com) – DoP, Editor
Moonlight (short) – DoP
The Degenerates (series) – creator, director
Lexi (short) – executive producer
Addictions (short) – associate producer
Let’s Play Dead Girls (short) – Associate producer
Ollari Lifestyle (fashion video) – Exec. producer
Lombardi & Lombardi (commercial) – DoP, Editor
ELS Sims (industrial) – DoP
Scamway (feature) – Sound Mixer
Crush (music video) – DoP, Editor
Don’t Notice Me (music video) – DoP, Editor


Yard Sale (short) – Production Assistant
Sharks vs. Minnows (Feature) – Drone Operator
Fair Market Value (Feature) – 2nd Cam, Drone Op
Grape & Vine (short) – DoP, Producer
Hotsy Totsy (commercial) – Dop, Editor
Lombardi Pizza Co (commercial) – DoP, Editor
She Sits in Silence (experimental) – DoP
tráfico (series) – Creator, Producer, Director
Left in a Box (Doc) – Producer, Co-editor
The Next IT (series) – Director, Editor, Casting
Just Us (PSA) – Sound Mixer
tráfico (series) – Creator, Producer, Director
The Realness (music video)–Editor
Fighting the Good Fight (Doc)-DoP
Lavon Wageman Show (talk)–DoP, Editor, Director
Go Fish (short)–Sound Mixer
Annabelle Wright (short)–Sound, Coproducer
Wash Away The Rain (music vid)–DoP, Editor –
High (music video) – Director of Photography
Run Away American Dream (feature) – Director
Tom Bentey’s Big Scene (series) – DoP/Editor


Paper Thin (Doc) – DoP
Sascha (short) – Sound mixer/Boom Op.
My Famous Family (series) – DoP, Editor.
Monodrama (series) – sound mixer/Boom Op.
Sitters (series) – sound mixer/ /Boom Op
Flat Brim (short) – Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Strawberry Fields (short) – Producer, DoP, Editor
No More (short) – DoP, Editor – dir. Pierre Romain
Nerf Rebellion (series) – Producer, 1st AD
Unknown Harbors (short) – Associate Producer
Over The Love  (music video) – DoP, Editor
You Are Here (series) – Director of Photography
Sexercise (short) – Producer, DoP, Editor
Broken Hearted Tears (music vid) – Dir/DP/Editor
Celebrate Your Body (music vid)–Prod/DoP/Editor
American Fab Kids (music video)–Prod. Manager
Black Brown & Digital (live event) – Camera/Editor
Fund Anything (live event) – Camera
Hex Girlfriend (short) – DoP
En Avant (short) – Producer
Take Your Time (spec) – UPM, Set Photog


Peace Breeds Peace (PSA) – Unit Prod. Mangr
Wonder bra (spec) – UPM
Afronauts (short) – Extra Casting
American Fab Kids (Music Vid.) – Prod. Mangr.
Hex Girlfriend (Short) – DoP
Diary of an Indie Filmmaker(series)–Creator/Prod/Dir
Crack (Short) – Driver
A Day In Eden (Short) – Executive Producer
Sunday Dinner (Short) – 2nd Assistant Director
This Is Reality (Short) – Set Photographer
Mi Hermana (Short) – Unit Prod. Manager
Meskal (Short) – Associate Producer
The Yellow Room (Short) – Producer
Dog People (Doc) – 1st AD, Camera
Robert MacNeil (Doc Series) – Camera/Sound
Joe Lieberman (Doc Series) – Camera/Sound
Gerald Eskenaz (Doc Series) – Camera/Sound
The Yellow Room (Short) – Producer, Editor
Down, Down, Baby (short) – Set Photog.
The Charms (Short) – Scripty/Extra/Set Photog


Nehemiah (Short) – Script Sup.
Love (Short) – Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Curtain Call (short) – Grip
Chasing Shadows (short) – Writer, Director
All About My IPod (short) – Snd Mixer/Boom Op.
Dog People (Doc) – Camera Operator
One Useful Thing (short) – Grip (NYU)
Bedford Apocalypse (16mm short) – Camera
Princess The Cat (web series) – DoP
Girl & Dog (sketch) – Director, DoP, Editor
PETA PETA (sketch) – Dir/DoP/Editor


Life’s a Bitch (short) – Grip
Blue Tryst (short) – Camera
Un Moment (short) – Sound Mixer/Boom Op.
Amanda Kill (short) – Camera, G&E
Come Out and Play (sketch) – Dir/DoP/Editor
TUG-OF-WAR (series) – DoP/Editor


The Last American Shoemaker (Doc) – Producer/Dir.
7 Questions (Doc) – Producer, Editor
Chasing My Father’s Shadows (Doc) – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Feed The Mind (Doc) – Producer, Editor


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