Chronicles of an Independent filmmaker…

October 5, 2015
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October 5, 2015 Joseph Eulo

Chronicles of an Independent filmmaker…

gsp10_SMALLAs an indie filmmaker living in the greater New Jersey/New York city area I am always looking for an opportunity to work and collaborate with other like minded artist who share my passions. I enjoy surrounding myself with people who are “about the work” and committed to their craft. Filmmaking is a profession that demands the collaboration of people with different skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

My favorite part about collaborating is getting to know the people I work with, listening to their ideas, learning about their passions, and observing them apply their craft . It is synergistic when people work together to bring the written word to life. Everyone playing their a part. and then celebrating the hard work and success afterward.

The hardest part about being an Independent filmmaking is finding people like these who share you commitment, and work ethic. It is a challenge to say the least.

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