Dear Mr. Facebook…Thumbs Down!

September 19, 2015
September 19, 2015 Joseph Eulo

Dear Mr. Facebook…Thumbs Down!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 6.19.59 PMDear Mr Zuckerberg.

Your website has taken over my everyday life. There is nothing I do without checking your precious little book of faces first. It has not only become an a  means of communicating for me with friends, family and colleagues, but increasingly it has become an utter distraction, I spend insane amount of hours, liking cat videos, commenting on selfies, and perusing others post, pictures, and comments.

I understand that you are going to implement a “Dislike” button. A great way to promote negativity among the lazy people who can not formulate a few words to form a sentence in a comment or post.

I think there should be a law…one that ensures one is engaged in the real world before one loses themselves with the the pages of your book of faces. REAL FACE TIME before FACE BOOK. Well its time for me to post a status update, comment on another insane act caught on video and uploaded to your site, and remove a few “friends” from long list of people I have never met. Please like my facebook page, and follow, and comment.



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