When I was a boy, growing up in Ocean City New Jersey, I would often skip school, make my way down to the beach, toddle over the large rocks on the 5th Street Jetty and feed the seagulls. I would sit at the edge where the rocks kissed the sea and throw scraps of bread into the air, the seagulls would swoop down and snatch them right out of the sky, make me smile, laugh, and forget my troubles. As a boy I believed The birds were my friends, and they followed me wherever I went, I believed they were looking out for me, making sure no harm came to me on that small barrier Island in south jersey that I called home.

When the scraps of bread were gone, I would stare out into the Atlantic, and wonder what it would be like to be among them soaring in the ocean wind, my troubles down below, out of reach of me up in the clouds. “Soaring Among the Seagulls” represents what that could of been like. I present to you my humble attempt to soar among the Seagulls, in Ocean City New Jersey, the worlds greatest family resort, and a child’s paradise.

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