J oseph Eulo is an independent storyteller and freelance filmmaker working and studying in the Greater New York City Area.

He is the founder and CEO of First Frame Films, a collaborative production and design company based in Brooklyn made up of an diverse group of artists, actors, and filmmakers who share a passion for creating meaningful work that moves, entertains, and informs audiences.

Joseph earned a film production certificate from The School of Media Studies at The New School in 2012 and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree with a focus in Film Production from The Bachelor’s Program at The New School for Public Engagement in New York City in 2013.


In 2010 he founded the New School Student Film Collective, an organization committed to fostering community among filmmakers within the college population.

Two years later he created the Garden State Filmmakers Association, and the Indie Film Collective of New Jersey and Greater New York. Organizations dedicated to creating and encouraging community among actors, artist, and filmmakers.

Joseph is an experienced producer, director, DoP, sound mixer, editor with over sixty-five narrative, documentary, music video, and commercial projects completed. He enjoys collaborating with other artists who share his interest in creating meaningful work.

Joseph is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts degree at The New School For Public Engagement, School of Media Studies with a focus in Media Management and Film production.


Joseph is presently producing and directing the first season of “tráfico” a character driven American crime drama about the dark and invisible side of human trafficking within the United States. Click here to find out more about the show, or visit http://www-trafico-series.tv



Projects Produced


Films Edited


Films Shot 


Films Directed 

Production Credits

Joseph A. Eulo - Filmmaker/Storyteller on IMDb


tráfico (series) – Creator, Producer, Director
The Realness (music video)–Editor
Fighting the Good Fight (Doc)-DoP
Lavon Wageman Show (talk)–DoP, Editor, Director
Go Fish (short)–Sound Mixer
Annabelle Wright (short)–Sound, Coproducer
Wash Away The Rain (music vid)–DoP, Editor –
High (music video) – Director of Photography
Run Away American Dream (feature) – Director
Tom Bentey’s Big Scene (series) – DoP/Editor
Paper Thin (Doc) – DoP
Sascha (short) – Sound mixer/Boom Op.
My Famous Family (series) – DoP, Editor.
Monodrama (series) – sound mixer/Boom Op.
Sitters (series) – sound mixer/ /Boom Op
Flat Brim (short) – Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Strawberry Fields (short) – Producer, DoP, Editor
No More (short) – DoP, Editor – dir. Pierre Romain
Nerf Rebellion (series) – Producer, 1st AD
Unknown Harbors (short) – Associate Producer


Over The Love  (music video) – DoP, Editor
You Are Here (series) – Director of Photography
Sexercise (short) – Producer, DoP, Editor
Broken Hearted Tears (music vid) – Dir/DP/Editor
Celebrate Your Body (music vid)–Prod/DoP/Editor
American Fab Kids (music video)–Prod. Manager
Black Brown & Digital (live event) – Camera/Editor
Fund Anything (live event) – Camera
Hex Girlfriend (short) – DoP
En Avant (short) – Producer
Take Your Time (spec) – UPM, Set Photog
Peace Breeds Peace (PSA) – Unit Prod. Mangr
Wonder bra (spec) – UPM
Afronauts (short) – Extra Casting
American Fab Kids (Music Vid.) – Prod. Mangr.

2013 Cont.

Hex Girlfriend (Short) – DoP
Diary of an Indie Filmmaker(series)–Creator/Prod/Dir
Crack (Short) – Driver
A Day In Eden (Short) – Executive Producer
Sunday Dinner (Short) – 2nd Assistant Director
This Is Reality (Short) – Set Photographer
Mi Hermana (Short) – Unit Prod. Manager
Meskal (Short) – Associate Producer
The Yellow Room (Short) – Producer
Dog People (Doc) – 1st AD, Camera
Robert MacNeil (Doc Series) – Camera/Sound
Joe Lieberman (Doc Series) – Camera/Sound
Gerald Eskenaz (Doc Series) – Camera/Sound


The Yellow Room (Short) – Producer, Editor
Down, Down, Baby (short) – Set Photog.
The Charms (Short) – Scripty/Extra/Set Photog
Nehemiah (Short) – Script Sup.
Love (Short) – Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Curtain Call (short) – Grip
Chasing Shadows (short) – Writer, Director
All About My IPod (short) – Snd Mixer/Boom Op.
Dog People (Doc) – Camera Operator
One Useful Thing (short) – Grip (NYU)
Bedford Apocalypse (16mm short) – Camera
Princess The Cat (web series) – DoP
Girl & Dog (sketch) – Director, DoP, Editor
PETA PETA (sketch) – Dir/DoP/Editor


Life’s a Bitch (short) – Grip
Blue Tryst (short) – Camera
Un Moment (short) – Sound Mixer/Boom Op.
Amanda Kill (short) – Camera, G&E
Come Out and Play (sketch) – Dir/DoP/Editor
TUG-OF-WAR (series) – DoP/Editor


The Last American Shoemaker (Doc) – Producer/Dir.
7 Questions (Doc) – Producer, Editor
Chasing My Father’s Shadows (Doc) – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Feed The Mind (Doc) – Producer, Editor



  • Joseph is engaged, helpful and friendly – in fact, he is a consummate support and even mentor for many…”

    Dawnja Burris, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The New School
  • Joseph is a gifted storyteller….with an approach, sensibilities, and overall aesthetic reminiscent of Peckinpah and De Sica…”

    Vinay Chowdhry, Director/Producer, Dakoit Pictures
  • Joseph is dedicated and has proven to be a capable and very thoughtful filmmaker…”

    Rafael Parra, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The New School
  • Joseph has not only has he worked on a large number of film productions, he has increasingly involved newer students in his own productions.”

    Dawnja Burris, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The New School
  • Joseph Eulo’s finger is on the pulse, and the subject matter he chooses to explore adds to the zeitgeist in a post-modern dialogue…”

    Vinay Chowdhry, Director/Producer, Dakoit Pictures
  • Joseph offers informed and insightful contributions to his peers and exhibits a true quest towards mastering all aspects of the filmmaking process…”

    Rafael Parra, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The New School
  • Joseph cleverly reframes narrative tropes, remaining hell bent on a new form of social justice…”

    Vinay Chowdhry, Director/Producer, Dakoit Pictures




Dedicated, Driven, Focused.

Enthusiastic, creative and driven filmmaker with ability to meet production objectives and deadlines.

High Production Value/Low Production Cost

Excellent organizational, communication and leadership skills with experience in raising production values while reducing production costs.


Experienced producer, director, DoP, sound mixer, editor with over sixty-five narrative, documentary, music video, and commercial projects completed.

Motivated Team Player and Leader .

Understand the importance of creating and maintaining meaningful and positive relationships  with, producers, investors, cast and crew.

Collaborative, Focused, Resourceful

Great with people and with the ability to recruit, motivate, serve, and collaborate with others in a team environment.


Willing and prepared to take on any role, on or off set, to complete project on time and under budget.